What is Gravity-link

Gravity-link, the world's leading decentralized joint computing network, the world's first heterogeneous asset-light public cloud computing network that utilizes idle computing resources such as Android mobile devices, PCs, and smart devices, leading the 5G era and integrating everything with edge intelligence Terminal, allowing data value to flow safely and compliantly

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Heterogeneous scheduling capabilities, supporting MapReduce computing frameworks that support joint computing such as Android phones, ARM smart devices, PCs, and computing scheduling to the edge without collecting user privacy, supporting large-scale data processing, providing serverless and cloud native services, and graphical platform support , Easy for enterprise integration

Gravity-link Network is the world's first edge computing network that implements the Mapreduce computing framework on Android terminals. Currently, Gravity-link has run through actual processing tasks in a test network of tens of thousands of nodes. Ad hoc network and P2P penetration capabilities based on public networks. TEE-based proof of work PoTA, efficient and safe verification of computing power contribution

Gravity-link accurately records the activities of each node in the computing industry chain on the blockchain, integrates the resources and information of upstream and downstream nodes to the greatest extent, realizes the digitization and systemization of cooperation between all parties, and automatically synchronizes the corresponding value Flow. Therefore, Gravity-link reduces the overall cost of the industry, improves efficiency, and realizes the distributed optimal allocation of resources. A variety of industry solutions and demonstration projects have been delivered

Gravity-link has expanded its edge computing to the field of joint computing. At present, only two companies in the world are in the forefront of joint computing, Gravity-link and Google


High availability

Heterogeneous P2P resource management, large-scale distributed scheduling network, the latest position in the calculation data, more redundant nodes

Large-scale data processing

Based on the public network, supports heterogeneous MapReduce computing frameworks including Android phones

Trusted computing

Big data processing based on TEE can simultaneously solve the problems of computing scale and privacy security

Easy to integrate

Provide a graphical PaaS development platform, use Serverless and cloud native services to provide easy-to-use cloud computing services

low cost

Fair incentive system, make full use of social idle resources to realize the asset-light cloud computing of the sharing economy model

Application scenarios

Low-cost big data analysis service, edge computing scenario, trusted data exchange network, joint computing to protect privacy

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